Monday, March 31, 2014

Things Learned & Completed in March

March has come and gone and my mind is still whirling to find stability in my days. This month has been distracting for me and I wish that April may find me in a better frame of mind. So, needless to say, March wasn't very productive, but there are a few things I learned or completed...

1. I learned how to make a rustic door wreath for the apartment entry-way (pictured above). Pinterest and Etsy are great resources to find a bit of spring creativity. And Hobby Lobby and Michael's are my go-to craft shops!

2. Resumes make me antsy. After much deliberation in weighing the pros and cons, I have finally made the decision to apply for Education Assistant positions at local schools for the next school year. Nervous hardly captures how I feel about this, considering that I have never been able to hold a real job for very long. But something in me wants to be challenged, to prove that I can do something that doesn't come naturally to me (aka real life skills, being grown up, ha!). In conclusion, this has directed me towards writing up a resume and cover letter, two things I have never had to do before in my life.

3. The Esther Generation, a spoken poem by Amena Brown Owen and Ann Voskamp. Everyday. That's how often I need to hear this. I sense these words going deeper into me, that my heart is learning to memorize and realize these truths.

4. I need God-ordained, face-to-face, heart-to-heart meetings. My heart has been starved for it since moving to this new city, but the Lord blessed me with a heart-to-heart meeting with my wonderful friend, Emily, a lady I have been acquainted with for some years, but haven't really known until now.
Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It's splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world. ~ Anne of Green Gables
5. This series makes me giggle a couple times every week. From the makers of Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Emma Approved has proven to be an excellent and clever series so far! I never thought I would be one to enjoy a modern vlog-style adaptation of Austen's novels, but even I am proven wrong every now and then. ;)

6. After years of being a spontaneous shopper, I am finally nailing down my style. I have been learning what I like in a blouse, my go-to type of shoes, and my dream-dresses, jackets and coats that really fit my style, and my every day type of skirts. Ah, isn't Pinterest great for organized a clutter, confused mind? Now, I know, whenever I do shop, what type of items I really want instead of being distracted by every little pretty thing I see.

 Just six points for this month. In between drowning in melancholy and trying to figure out my chaotic life [INFP problems], I have been, outwardly, trying to just get by day to day. I feel like a terrible friend to all my long-distant relationships, which I have been letting slip for the month. But I know I need to simplify or else my heart will not be devoted to others in my life the way that I wish to be.

For any who may be interested in joining Chatting at the Sky's March link-up for sharing what you've learned, check out her page here. Best known for her recently released book, A Million Little Ways (which I still need to read!!), Emily writes candidly with simplicity and grace. A very refreshing blog to direct one's heart and mind towards Christ.

Here's to hoping that April is more optimistic of a month!