Wednesday, November 2, 2016

the last glow

My post for October isn't going to be wordy. It was a simple month filled with expected things. I may whine about boring routines (always have, hehe!), but it's what I would most like for, at least, the next couple years. Routines are stable and grounding and I am grateful to be in a season where that's what my weeks consist mostly of (never thought I'd ever say such a thing! haha). There is something comforting about coming home to my husband each evening, whether it was a rough day and we have to vent about it or not. Coming home feels safe.

Because Nolan and I were a bit lazy this year, we ended up missing the peak season for colors in the high country. Just didn't get out there in time! So, we drove west towards Hesperus at the beginning of October and found some trees that were still glowing. While everyone has been filling their minds with the negative realities of the upcoming election, I felt an extreme desire to get lost in the woods, to forget everything about this world, to be held by the beauty and comfort of nature quietly soothing me.


We attempted to capture some trees here in Durango at sunset, but only snapped a few nice images in the process. The sun disappears fast!


October was unusually warm here and that motivated me to bike ride quite a bit. Since I absolutely dislike exercising during the winter months (even on the sunny days, I can't stand aerobic exercise with the bitter cold air or wind nipping at my face!), I am trying to take advantage of this 60 or 70 degree weather before I just want to hibernate every day.

Ah, here are my Outlander Pops celebrating with me as I embarked on the eighth book of the Outlander series. ^_^ It's taken me a year and a half to make it through Gabaldon's series and while she has yet to publish book 9, I do feel pretty accomplished that I made it through these thick novels. Not all of them were worth my time, but book 8 has definitely been more satisfying.

And, on the last weekend of October, Nolan and I enjoyed a wonderful dining experience at James Ranch in the Animas River Valley. It's a family-owned farm, market, and eatery. I have no idea why we never thought to go there sooner! I am sure it's even more inviting in the summer with all the greenery and more produce. Definitely going back there next year! For anyone who might ever pass through southwest Colorado, I definitely recommend checking out this place here. Their grass-fed beef hamburgers are divine! It was a relaxing place to end the month.

p.s. Note to self, have Nolan take more photos of me in the future so others know of my existence. haha! I have noticed that, lately, I haven't been in many of our photos. I will try to be in more photos this next month, especially during Thanksgiving week!