Monday, April 28, 2014

to love life

The Wailin Jennys are playing gently in the background and I sit, unmotivated, in front of my weekly to-do-list. Doctor appointments, business projects and research, phone calls. Just a few of the thing that loom before me this week. I love the fresh start of another Monday, but there are moments when all the days blur into one another and I feel overwhelmed. Some days, I sense an internal juggling act going on inside me that hinders the outward juggle I must do with daily tasks and obligations. I'm still glancing behind, at all that I've walked through these past 3.5 years. I'm still sifting through the purpose of a lot of the grief, a lot of my own investments that I thought were going to pay off. But life is calling me forward. There are things to be done, but sometimes it's hard enough to do when it hurts so deeply to just be. It's enough to strip me of any self-motivation. Then, I stumbled across these words and feel a sense of freedom...

I find value for my own life when I reflect upon the value that Christ has declared to me about who He has made to be. 

This is how one learns to love life again.


  1. Christ's love for me and my love for Him are perfect remedies; I can relate to your wonderfully affirming last two lines as you heal.

    Oh, The Wailin' Jennys are excellent. Which album were you listening to?

    I wish you much success in your latest endeavors and beautiful beginnings in your life. :) <3

    1. Thank you, Jade. :) His love is everything.
      I was listening to a mix of their songs on a Youtube playlist I made. Just a compilation of songs from several of their albums and a few live tracks. I love their voices together. :)