Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Looking at Tears

A friend of mine shared this fascinating link on Facebook of a microscopic study done on different types of tears. In the words of the author, "Like a drop of ocean water each tiny tear drop carries a microcosm of human experience." I love the explanation in this post about the scientific "why" behind the types of tears we produce. There is a divine work of art behind all creative things and it helps me to find that sacred purpose again, that the Ruler of all things is truly in control.

These photos moved me as I am a lover of beautiful and sad things. I am drawn to the tears of grief, which look empty, filled with cracks and confused patterns. There are no distinct shapes in that one. I also like the tears of release, which looks like two continents disconnecting, floating away from each other. The tears of change and tears of ending and beginning are remarkable because they look like the landscape of a countryside, which is so representative of the changing seasons.

 From all the ones presented in the link above, which ones most struck you? And, why?

Tears of Grief

Tears of Release

Tears of Change

Tears of Ending and Beginning


  1. Wow so interesting! In tears of release, I see a clown holding a funny looking balloon- of course, that's just my imagination. It reminds me that release brings freedom to be playful and have fun.

    1. That's sweet, Jade! I think I can make out the clown, too. :) I like what you said about release. It's a comforting truth.

  2. Oh I love this - even tears are a form of art. So fascinating, thank you for sharing!