Monday, September 8, 2014

redefining perfection

Shortly after last week's post, I came across this gem of a quotation. It so accurately summarized the aim of my recent posts on grace and surrendering spiritual perfection to the Lord.

The tension of living in the aim while feeling like you continually come up short creates humility which is God’s aim in the first place. Even through our “failure” we are often hitting the true target. I have found in my life failure has produced as much fruit as devotion when I don’t yield to condemnation but rather throw myself at His kindness and strength. The Potter is aiming at humility, gratitude and meekness. His goal is not perfection in the way we define it, but perfection in Love and the one who is forgiven much, loves much. It’s all working for me, if I keep running to Him, never give up the aim and don’t get caught up in measuring myself. I don’t want to be preoccupied with my success or my failure, cause only He can see the true target and His hands are working good in me, if I just don’t give up, hit delete on the good and the bad and keep aiming.

~ Misty Edwards

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