Thursday, October 31, 2013

prayer minstrel: Zemer Levav

Songs of the Heart...that is the Hebrew meaning behind this traveling family band, Zemer Levav. I don't believe many will find a unit quite as inspiring and unique as them. A Messianic-based family group of 5 daughters who dance, sing, and play instruments. While 3 of their daughters have branched out into marriage and their own paths in life, Zemer Levav has maintained their style and passion bring healing songs of Scripture to communities far and wide.

 Parents and founders of the group, Mark and Shimrit, have traveled by RV with their daughters Shalisha, Liorah, Adrielle, Kerah, and Natanyah. Although, most recently, it has been reduced to just Kerah (and her husband) and Natanyah traveling on the road with them. With their flowing, feminine skirts and rustic instruments, they take the stage with confidence and grace, no matter how large or small the venue, to pour into the hearts of their listeners the restful, prophetic songs of the Bible.

 In a description written for their most recent album (Even There) on their website, I believe the mission statement of Zemer Levav is summarized.

 ...calls believers to prayer and spiritual warfare, as well as offering comfort, hope, and strength to those who are weak or wounded. It will also exhort and remind the believer who they are in Messiah, how precious they are to God, and that God is going before us into every battle.

 Perhaps one of the most striking aspects of this family group is the way they weave sweet and minor melodies with words of life. They have a way of delivering the very heart of Christ to the listener through their Messianic blend of ethnic instruments and harmonies. I think this is what makes them very much the epitome of a "prayer-minstrel," being those among us called to communicate the heart and mind of Christ to us through the gift of song, as well as draw us into the haven of the intimate and restored relationship we have with our Lord. That is the place where we learn to worship God - the purpose for which we were each uniquely designed. The place where we are fully known by our Lord and He, fully known, to us. It is a sacred place. A place of rest

 From the moment that I began to listen to them (thanks to my awesome uncle!) I found my "happy place." Since then, there has never been a season of my life where I have not put their albums into my CD player to become engulfed in. Their songs speak the way, the truth, the life that is in Christ our Lord. They are uplifting and freeing, as well as sobering and calming. Their songs are memorable. They attach to your heart and never leave you. The melodies I still find myself humming when I cannot think of any other song to sing. Sometimes, when I am burdened and cannot think, these are the songs I turn to, the ones I remember, the ones so naturally a part of my heart.
 I have been incredibly blessed, beyond measure, to see and hear them perform live on several occasions, all of which have been tremendously memorable and transforming moments. I loved being able to chat with Kerah and Shimrit and found myself resonating with their vision and heart in what they do. They are a humble family, but also very well-founded, passionate, and driven to live out the worship of the Lord in all that they do.
 More information on them, their music, and their albums are available through their webpage HERE. Information on the support for their ministry can also be found on their page. Share their songs with your loved ones and create memories with the captivating and lulling sounds of these songs of the heart.

These are a selection of live recordings and videos with lyrics of some of their most popular and well-known songs.

Let the Righteous Be Glad 

The Telling

L'David Mizmor

Your Name

This last song, Your Name, was written by their daughter, Kerah, and is a piece I will always remain affectionately attached to. It is a song that describes the journey of my life in Christ and the many sorrows and transformation that has accompanied it. If I had a "life song," this one would be it.

And, lastly, their daughter, Kerah is working on her own solo album, which I believe will be as equally powerful as the albums she has created alongside her parents over the years. She has a way of communicating rock-solid hope and assurance to her generation. She composed this moving pieced entitled, Things Once Lost. May all who hear these songs be blessed and enriched by their melodies!

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  1. Yay! This was a great post, love this family so much! You should totally post this link on Kerah's page! I think it would make her happy. :-)