Thursday, October 10, 2013

Remembering and chronicling..

In appropriate timing, I have put together a series of posts detailing my and my husband's love story, from friendship to marriage, which can be found at the Love Story tab at the top of my blog. Or, by clicking here.

Today also marks 8 months since my love and I entered into covenant and, through the ups and downs of our very young marriage, I want to remember the path that we have walked, every detail, every word, every moment that has marked our story. Remembering is such a sacred act and it leads us to chronicle those memories and stories. And chronicling stories helps us to recall the good providence of the Lord in seasons when we cannot see so clearly.

I adore hearing people's stories, how they met their beloved, key life events that transformed them, and so much more. I think it engages and unites us to one another, keeps us humble, makes us thankful, and grants us eyes to see the Lord working, providing, and moving in unique, powerful, and small ways. There is always so much to be revealed to us in this gift of sharing and giving to one another snapshots of our Maker intimately and gloriously filling these temporal lives of our's. Perhaps, this is why I love blogging so much, as opposed to websites like Facebook, because there is a quality of sharing that goes on across blogging that involves being engaged to one another, reading, and focusing in one at a time. I suppose it harmonizes with my way of connecting with people.

For anyone who stumbles across this post, I would love, love, love to hear any stories you have to share, whether through comments or directing me to your own posts in which you have chronicled parts of your life story. :)


  1. So funny you would mention the importance of stories as I was thinking of this very subject last night. After I shred my journals with my own stories, I felt a little heartbroken (after feeling a false sense of relief), but then I had the motivation to rebuild my collection of stories again. So, I won't have the exact words I wrote during those times, but I have the memories in my mind that I can use to rebuild my collection again. I bought a couple of composition notebooks yesterday (one for now, and one for when that's finished) where I can practice writing my personal stories, from today, and look back to the past as well to find meaning in those memories with a mature perspective. I may also type some up and post them on my blog after some revision, whatever I feel comfortable sharing. And by stories I mean the true stories, not fiction, though I still want to write fiction, too. Getting rid of those journals actually helped me realize what I'd like to put in the new ones.

    Here's a little story for you—When I was a child I almost always copied my older sister. One day, we were putting together Christmas wishlists, and because she knew I used to copy her so much, she made up a pretend item on her Christmas list, and of course, I copied it. I can't remember exactly what it was, but it was some toy that had never been invented, hehe.

    I'm looking forward to your stories and am interested in reading the love story you've posted!

  2. Hm, slight change—I think I'll actually write in both journals now, one will be for memories and the other for whatever is currently happening in my life. :)

    Hope you're having a happy morning.

  3. Oh! :) That is an adorable story from your childhood. Very funny. I also loved to copy my older sister at everything, too. That is what they are there for, haha! ;)
    That is a wonderful idea about your goals for your writing and your new journals! It is good that you can rebuild your collection again with your old memories. Sometimes, it is really refreshing to write a past memory with all the maturity and wisdom gained through the years. I just had to throw out some journals during my teenage years because I didn't record things in a very edifying, creative, or redeeming way. haha! Anyway, I would enjoy reading your own story snippets and memories whenever you feel led to share them through your blog. Your writing is so lovely! :)

    1. It is so nice to see how much we have in common. :)

      I know what you mean about certain journals—while I feel it's important to be honest about how we feel in a journal and not make everything seem "picture perfect", it is my hope now to portray things in a balanced way and to write about the bigger, more life-changing events, too. At the same time, I'm trying not to throw everything out. ;) I hope you will write many more words you're happy with!

      And thanks so much for the compliment on my writing. I've decided to take a little rest from it for a time, to replenish myself with beautiful thoughts and bible reading, but I doubt that will last forever. :)

      Off to read the love story memories you posted.

      P.S. A letter should be coming your way soon!

  4. i love hearing peoples stories as well! you are so darling. i need to update my blog with a more detailed version. this inspired me!

  5. i was so drawn to your blog because of the lovely photograph of you in your wedding dress, it's so perfect! i also love your writing and your talks of marriage, so peaceful.

    lindsey louise

  6. This is such a lovely post! I love reading love stories and seeing how God brought couples together. I really loved writing my love story with my own husband on my blog. :-)

  7. Marriage is such a treasure! Such a chance for growth, for stretching. For becoming more like Jesus.

    My husband and I met in China while we were working at a summer camps for orphans there. We became good friends and after a couple years, he decided he missed me when we would go our separate ways. (He to California and me to Iowa) We got married in June of 2011. This March we had a little dude join the family. God is so so good.

    Be blessed today, friend!