Sunday, May 19, 2013

day of grace

Does the heart know anything sweeter than to be wrapped up in tears and the arms of its dearest companion?
I whisper a thank you to Abba for this one grace I can see, feel, touch, smell, and kiss today. My husband.
The 3 months of our young marriage has challenged us with the bold sacrifices of Love. And he, my love, becomes, more and more, dear to me. He becomes a closer friend to me. When he holds me near, as more than a lover, and speaks words of heaven over my frame, I am reminded of my origin, who I am in Christ. And when we cry together because this earth is not enough, our soul-hunger begins to ache in unison for heaven. Whoever would of thought that crying was a grace? I do. A gift that we are given to produce when raw emotions rise up from within. That salty taste from the droplets penetrates our lips....a reminder that we are living, breathing creations that feel. A gift that leads us, with anguish, to the throne-room.
 This is our day of grace.

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