Friday, May 17, 2013

Love Story: Our February Wedding, Part 3

The reception was filled with a restful hush and quiet conversation as Irish ballads streamed through the lush surroundings. We had the pleasure of enjoying music by a local band called The Strand. We drew the inspiration for our wedding from the Hobbits and the Elves of the Lord of the Rings to make our reception old-fashioned, simple, rustic, and serene. Our desire was to create an inviting atmosphere for our guests, as I believe guests are an incredibly significant part to a wedding. So, we gifted them with the lovely music by the Strand.
 Many prayers went into the creation of all these simple and lovely details. All the credit goes to family and friends who invested time, money, effort, and many long prayers into our February day. I remember being overwhelmed by how dream-like everything was as the photographer was leading me around to get my pictures done. I could hear the soft falling notes of the harp and a flute filling the air. It seemed so otherworldly.
 I also remember seeing the children running around the green lawn, playing tag, giggling, and completely enjoying themselves. It brought immense joy to my heart to watch them play and be happy!

My cousin and her husband amongst the peach blossoms.
My friend, Elizabeth, exploring the orchard.

 Nolan and I prepared several months in advance for our first dance to be a waltz. In fact, I chose the song by Gungor called Every Breath {I Will Love You} that just so happened to be in the waltz time. The song can be listened to here and the lyrics read here. I found that this song dearly expressed our devotion to the Lord and to each other.
 What I didn't prepare for was the train of my gown getting in the way and causing lots of silly mess-ups. My gown was designed to be pinned up in the back, but, I was too impatient to do it beforehand. ha! Nevertheless, our funny mess-ups amused our guests and made them laugh. Once Nolan and I got the hang of it, our steps began to flow more smoothly and, by the end of the song, we were gliding. The sun's golden rays created the perfect lighting for our first dance.

My father and I danced to a violin/piano rendition of the hymn, How Deep the Father's Love for Us. For many personal reasons, I chose that song. It is piece that has resonated with my dad and myself since 2010 and through many trials that we have journeyed through together. Being a daddy's girl, I found it particularly significant as my father and I have both been learning the love of our true Father through pain and through hardships. My favorite shot that Elena captured (the last one, bottom left) is the one of the sunset's rays piercing through the camera's lens. It makes me think of us being swallowed up into God's marvelous light, knowing that one day we will be transformed in the blink of an eye, home at last.

The last "event" of the evening were the speeches. 
My sister's speech brought me to tears. My cousin's speech brought me joy. My brother-in-law's speech touched me and made me smile because I had only just met him a couple months before the wedding. My husband's speech made me proud as he honored his wonderful parents who, I am blessed to announce, we share the same wedding anniversary date with! They were celebrating their 40th anniversary on the day we declared our "I do's." To be honest, we hadn't purposefully planned it that way!

  Lastly, I gave a speech to the 5 people who have shaped and blessed me the most - my father, my mother, sister, brother, and my cousin (who is basically my second sister, ha!). I hardly began the words to my father and mother before I broke down, tears erupting from my eyes. I hadn't cried during the wedding up until that moment. Naturally, I was too happy to really cry. Yet, as I began, one by one, honoring my family, the realization hit that I was leaving them and that a very significant chapter in my life was closing to allow for this new chapter.

Rustic initials cake-topper from Etsy!

My cousin Alexis' speech for us that she printed out.

Thus, the evening incredibly chilly night filled with the Lord's shalom. I could have dreamed it to go on even longer through the night, but it was so cold that many had to leave early. Ah, but it was all so glorious!

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  1. Such a moving story—so much warmth, careful planning, spontaneous grace, loving words, and meaning with the pure lavender and your floral crown! Oh, I loved every bit of it.

    Blessings to you and Nolan always. :)