Friday, May 31, 2013

like home

A haven.
With gentle hands and strong arms.
The way he closes doors, quiet. The way he embarks on his days, like a whisper. Soft reserve in lifestyle.Uses his hands when he is describing a concept. Puns are his favorite mode of humor. Yerba Mate drinks are his must-have for each day. Relentless caffeine-addict. Loves his mind to be clear, able to think freely for as long as he wishes, with no obligations taking up his thought-space. Accumulates tools, wires, and random "fix-it", "techie" objects. Spontaneous craft and hobby master. Michael Caine and Mark Whalberg impressions that make me squeal with laughter. Amuses me with his nostalgic affection for the 90's decade. A mind so firm, analytical, and strategic. Revolutionary at heart. Requires freedom and patience to be. Against the grain. The one to always choose the path less-traveled. Closet-poet. Pursuer of fresh avenues of experience. Laissez-faire. Strength of individualism, rooted in Scripture, watered by grace.

 Nolan Thomas. My home and haven during my earthly-journey to glory. The nearest I will get to heaven this side of eternity. A vessel so unlike my own, differences so striking in their contrast. Yet, the resonance of our soul-cry sings in a harmony that we were meant to be. Two wander-lust pilgrims with unrestrained hearts, caught up in a vision for that which lies beyond the blue.

I adore studying my husband when he is caught up in thought, unaware. ;)


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  2. This is touching, poetic, and has kindled in me a deeper feeling of appreciation for my own husband (there were a lot of similarities.) It's a wonderful thing to take the time to notice and express what we love about the people we love.

    1. Thank you, Jade. That is so wonderful that you feel the same with your own husband. :) Marriage is truly amazing. In all the ways it seems to be ordinary through every day life, it truly becomes more and more extraordinary.

  3. Lovely! I love the part about the affection for the 90s decade, I didn't know that he had that, I have it too! haha. :-P This was beautiful cousin!