Monday, February 3, 2014

10 Things Learned and Completed in January

 Here goes another 10 things post for the month! January was, overall, quite productive for me (and that is saying a lot!). I was determined to begin the new year with a purpose and a drive. December was such an tiresome month (and always a depressing one with the sun setting earlier); I did not want to walk into the new year with the same heaviness and exhaustion as last year ended.
 Upon further thought, I decided to change these posts to 10 Things Learned AND Completed for each month. It is helpful to record the things I learn as well as complete each month. I want to see and achieve consistency in those things I am pursuing.

1. Due to the generosity of a friend, I was able to begin making, using, and eating my own milk kefir at home and have been very consistent in continuing my current batch of kefir grains throughout the past two and a half weeks! For breakfast, I mix it in with homemade applesauce and granola because it is a little bitter.

2. I learned how to make viili yogurt, which doesn't require a yogurt machine. Much more simple!

3. I began learning to pickle/ferment green beans and carrots. I will soon find out if they turned out well!

4. I managed to go through piles of paperwork from my college years, things saved over time, sheet music, projects, etc. Nothing is more refreshing than getting rid of accumulating papers and items! Now, everything fits on the bottom of my bookcase and gives me much easier access to my files.

5. I discovered my love for beets (yes, the root vegetable! ha) and learned about their tremendous health benefits. They aid in the detoxification of the body, rich in nutrients, and are incredibly beneficial for hormonal/women's health. I love to eat them raw and shredded (in a food processor), drizzle with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and feta cheese.

6. Patience in every area of my life. Still haven't searched out how far-reaching this virtue is needed in my life.

7. I completed reading two books last month (one was new, the other I had read before), which is something I want to continue doing throughout the year. Goodreads has been helpful and motivating for me to remain focused on my reading goals. My Goodreads account is here.

8. I tried a few recipes from my Pinterest board here. My husband was pleased with my creations and I do love savoring new meals!

9. I filled out applications for two local organic food stores near here. I am crossing my fingers! I love the environment and vision of both shops.

10. I began to develop more of a consistency with my yoga routine and daily walks. This is a tremendous step for me and I want to keep up with it! My lifestyle is sedentary and I believe that many of my ailments are due to this inactivity.


  1. These are excellent achievements—meaningful, special, and nourishing to body and spirit.

    Like you, I find such healing in yoga and consistent exercise. Sometimes it's difficult to get into the routine, but once I do, I feel so much better for it, especially since writing/computer work are sedentary activities.

    I'm having trouble getting into a consistent routine with my "soul interests" lately. Since we're still not very settled in the house with so much to do, it leaves me having to make them secondary. Aside from the house, my biggest problem is probably indecisiveness. My mind keeps flitting around from one thing to another, and I can't seem to make progress in art or do something so decisive such as writing a list of things I've completed each month, hehehe. I respect and admire you for what you do! And even in this confusion/distress, I'd like to wish you a happy February! ;)

    1. Aw, thank you, Jade! :) You know, I can relate with that indecisiveness, especially when I have so much time on my hands. I can never get anything done and I feel impatient to see results. But, some days, I just push myself and demand something to get done...haha! Other days, I am not always as productive. I guess it just normal to have ups and downs in being productive. :-/ Anyway, I know the house has been a long and big project for you! I could see that making it more difficult to focus on what you want to do. I will pray you find some rest and ability to focus and have consistency in little areas over this next month or two. :) I will pray the confusion goes away for you, too!

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  2. Awesome Erika! I hope I can be just as productive this month myself!