Thursday, February 13, 2014

First Anniversary in Santa Fe

Our official first year photo taken outside of Los Alamos, NM.
My dear husband planned a fun getaway to Santa Fe for our first anniversary this past weekend. Having only passed through Santa Fe once in my life, it was really enjoyable to stay a night there and take time walking through the main plaza, savoring all the rich colors and earthy architecture! These first pictures are of the hotel we stayed in. It was quite enormous and I enjoyed staying somewhere more fancy than I am accustomed to.

The view from our hotel room window. Pure loveliness!
We ate lunch at a quaint little place called Tia Sophia's and, afterward, we roamed all the shops and places around the Plaza. There were some many hidden stores with gorgeous textiles, jewelry, and apparel! I was in heaven!

The St Francis Cathedral and Basilica was even more beautiful than I was expecting!

 Nolan walking the labyrinth just for laughs! haha!

The Loretto Chapel with the legendary spiraling staircase!

 The San Miguel Mission. The oldest church in Santa Fe.

Here is a very neat glimpse into the original 1600s adobe steps leading up to the sanctuary. It is built over now, but it was very fascinating that they were able to preserve them. 

Here is a spontaneous shot I took of Nolan standing next to the oldest home in Santa Fe. 

And, here I am, dressed up for a dinner date with my husband. I asked him for a fancy night out and although he is not a big fan of dressing up, he was pleased to make it a special evening for the two of us!

My husband smoking his cigar on the rooftop of the Eldorado hotel, overlooking Santa Fe.  

We ate the most delicious and fancy dinner at La Plazuela inside the La Fonda hotel. It was my choice for the evening and I am glad my husband enjoyed it, too! The gelato there was to die for!

These last snapshots are random. These words I wrote to my husband in the snow are from our drive up to and past Los Almos on our last day. The photo of us sitting is from an intimate little coffee shop we found next to the Loretto Chapel in which my husband fell madly in love with their iced coffee! The last picture is of some anniversary gifts and three delicious French pastries from Santa Fe (probably the best pastries I have ever eaten in my life!).


  1. What a romantic journey! To have walked the halls of that beautiful Church must have been awe-inspiring. It sounds as if this commemoration of your sacred day was absolutely perfect, full of all the right hints of joy, discovery, adventure, soft moments, and love unending.


    The eldest sister & singer

    1. Oh, thank you so much for visiting and your words! It was certainly a blessed and special time celebrating. :)

  2. I forgot to comment on this, but naturally... yay!!! I never really got to spend time in Santa Fe or see any of those things, I only have heard about them from my parents haha. Lovely! Santa Fe is probably my favorite place in New Mexico, in theory, because it has a great mix of both the old and new. The pictures you took are incredible. I had to laugh that one of Nolan that is kind of sepia tone reminded me of a similar pic I took of Eric in front of the church in downtown Phoenix hehe. I love that you guys got dressed up too and enjoyed every single thing you possibly could. That is how to live! hehe I hope Eric and I will finally get our vacation this year and most likely it will be Boston but we'll see how things go. The Lord is so good to us, look at how much you are able to enjoy after just one year! Many blessings to you two for many many more. ♥

    1. Thank you, Alexis! Yes, it was so beautiful! Nolan and I seem to have a continuing southwest theme in our marriage, haha!
      That is so funny about the pic you took of Eric! I remember that one, too! It was a really artsy shot! :)
      I hope you and Eric get your vacation this year and I will be praying about things opening up for you guys with the Boston trip! :)

  3. These are such gorgeous pictures. Love the old church, sophisticated dinner out, and everything else.
    You both look so happy :)

  4. Awh Happy Anniversary. These photos are so cute looks like you guys had a swell time in Santa Fe.