Monday, February 10, 2014

One year ago today... the chilly February air and near blossoming peach trees, my love and I exchanged vows and celebrated the beginning of a lifetime together! One of the first things I learned about Nolan early on in our friendship was his desire to pass down a legacy of honor and strength in the Rhodes name. Little did we know that we would one day be sharing the same wedding anniversary as his own parents, who celebrated their 40th this very same day a year ago! It wasn't planned at all! In fact, we had wanted to get married on the 17th (exactly a year from when we began our relationship) but the venue pushed us back a week because the 17th had been taken. So, the 10th became our day and I love it. February is a month of pure joy for me. It is where so many significant memories dwell...from when Nolan visited me to finally share his intentions and we first began courting in 2012 to when we married in 2013 and spent our honeymoon in Flagstaff. 

 Words fail me when I attempt to express what I felt on our wedding day. It was like receiving the most wonderful and most unexpected gift ever! I was overwhelmed with excitement, anticipation, awe, and anxiety (the good kind! ha!). The joy was nothing we earned or deserved, but it was purely and wholly a gift from our Father above who knit together a most sacred day. Our first year was a refining fire, but the challenges continue to press into us a devotion that runs more deeply and more true and intentional. I love the Lord's purpose for the marriage covenant! It is the most difficult and most raw and divinely beautiful reality ever!

1 year later...still in love! During our weekend trip to Santa Fe, we pulled over to the side of the road, set up the timer on our tablet, and snapped this photo! 

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